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Under the hood we are working relentlessly to translate the bold vision into a SaaS solution. The foundation is based on the learnings from an extensive and sustained innovation landscape research & mapping activities we conducted in the past 5 years, while investing well over a thousand work hours.

We believe that the platform we are working on - currently in an advanced private pre-alpha phase - will change the way how small and medium sized companies think and act on their business models, plan using strategic goals, explore ideas and make key decisions.

We're a bootstrapped business, which means we are moving slowly, but steadily. We are fully committed to make our vision your reality. We believe that success is a marathon, not a sprint, and considering the outcomes of recent developments in technology, we would like to avoid moving fast, and breaking things.

We cannot do this without you, (hopefully) a future user and champion of the solution developed by AsWeThink. We're here to listen an learn about your struggles, challenges, expectations and goals in relation to visual information & innovation management.

We want to come up with a solution that molds to your ever-changing business needs, while humbly making the case for - what we think will become - the future of visual information management. We invite you to join us on this ambitious journey.

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